If you wish to purchase a gun from out of state or from an on-line seller the law requires that you register the purchase with the ATF in the state that you live in. Most web sites state that they must transfer the firearm to a licensed dealer in Oklahoma. I am a licensed FFL dealer in the state of Oklahoma. As a licensed dealer I can receive the firearm from another dealer and transfer the firearm to you.

You must complete an ATF form 4473 and show proof of residency in Oklahoma. Most people use their driver license as proof of residency. When the form is completed, the dealer will run a background check on you.

PLEASE NOTE: If your Oklahoma driver’s license only has a middle initial listed instead of your entire middle name, then you must provide additional documentation showing your middle name. Acceptable documents include: Passport, SSN card, or some other state or federal-issued card showing your middle name, etc. This is a new rule and we can not sell the gun without this additional information noted on the form 4473. 

The ATF will provide the dealer with three possible outcomes from the background check.

  1. First is proceed and the firearms will be transferred to you that day.
  2. Second is a Delay and the dealer will not be able to transfer the firearm to you until ATF gives the proceed.  Sometimes the background check can be delayed because your name is mixed up with someone else that is legally not allowed to purchase a gun or many other reasons. As a dealer I am not given any details about you just that you are delayed. I will provide you a card from the ATF that will give instructions on how to check with them about your background report. Sometimes there is a waiting period and after so many days the transfer can be completed.
  3. Third is a denied and you will not be able to purchase the firearm. If you receive a denied, I will give you a card from the ATF with instructions on how to contact them. The ATF after completing a background check they can issue a number to use on firearm purchases in the future to prevent the denied if your name is mixed up with someone else. You need to provide a set of fingerprints for the process.

My fees are as follows:

  • $30.00 for first two firearms done together on same form.

  • $10.00 additional fee if purchasing two handguns on the same form if living in Moore OK if outside the Moore city limits the cost is an additional $15.00.

  • $15.00 for each gun done on the same form as first two.   

  • Will offer discount if customer purchases a gun from GunOwl Firearms LLC inventory at the same time.