Firearms purchases are like any long-term thing you plan to purchase, such as cars, homes, and tools.  You need to determine the purpose of the firearm.  Do you plan to hunt deer, quail, squirrel, home defense, sporting activities, or personal protection.  Each of these have different requirements to make a discission from a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.  Guns are just tools we use to protect ourselves from harm or enjoy as a hobby.  So, you have decided to purchase a firearm as a tool for personal protection how do you decide which handgun you should purchase.  Read books, talk with firearms owners, visit a gun store, and take training classes.  Your choices of handguns range from 22LR, 380, 38 special, 9MM, 40MM, 10MM and 45 caliber so as you can see there is a lot of choices available in the caliber of guns but you also have a bunch of brands to pick from.  You also have revolvers, or semi-automatic pistols.  So, as you can tell you need to research your purchase.  For someone to pick their first handgun they need to visit serval gun stores and handle each gun.  When you find the gun that feels good in your hand, you should rent one at a store and shoot a few rounds to ensure you have the gun you want.  To determine caliber you need to feel the recoil of the gun and how well you can control it after your first shot.  You might find that the 38 special, 40MM, 10MM, and 45 caliber are more gun than you can control when fired.  The 22LR, 380, or 9MM might be a better fit for you.  If you have more questions and would like to review your options please call or email me.

The +P and ++P rounds means that if take the standard 9MM pistol round and it has 6.9 grains of powder the +P round would have 6.9+3.48= 10.38 grains of powder in each round. (6.9/2=3.48 + 6.9) The ++P is 13.8 grains of powder (6.9+6.9) so as you can tell the pressure of each of these rounds would be higher so you gun must be made to withstand this extra pressure.  If you load a ++P round in a gun that is manufactured for a standard round you risk blowing the gun apart, injuring yourself or others around you.  These rounds are made for smaller concealed gun that might not have the same stopping power as a full-size gun using the standard 9MM round.  If you decide to purchase a gun for ++P with ammunition, you must practice with that round due to the extra recoil the gun will have.

A field stripping cleaning is just breaking the gun into major parts for cleaning.  There a 4 main parts of a handgun which are the barrel, spring, slide, and frame.  The four parts are sprayed with some type of solvent to remove burned powder and carbon build up.  The barrel bore is cleaned a with bore solvent to remove lead or other build up.  Depending upon the type of bullet used you might need special solvent for the barrel if there is copper build up.  The four parts are just cleaned with brushes and all the powder or carbon build up is removed.  A deep cleaning is done by a gunsmith that removes the firing pin, grips, and all the small parts inside the gun by punching out pins.  The parts are then washed in an ultrasonic cleaner using a solvent to remove all oil and carbon build up.  The parts are then oiled inspected for damages and reassembled.   The average shooter that is shooting less than a 200 rounds a month should schedule a deep cleaning every 2 or 3 years.  If shooting a 1000 rounds a month then a deep cleaning could be yearly or more.  Follow the manufacturer recommendations for your firearm.

New guns have a special grease added at the factory to protect the metal from rust because they do not know how long the gun might be in storage.  The heavy grease will combine with the burned powder and carbon to form a very sticky mess when used for the first time, and that could cause the gun to malfunction while shooting it.

  • $30.00 for first two firearms done together on same form.
  • $10.00 additional fee if purchasing two handguns on the same form if living in Moore OK if outside the Moore city limits the cost is an additional $15.00
  • $15.00 for each gun done on the same form as first two.   
  • Will offer discount if customer purchases a gun from GunOwl Firearms LLC inventory at the same time.

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