If you own firearms and wish to sell or have them insured, you will need a fair market value of the firearms in your collection. As an appraiser I will provide a written estimate of the fair market value for each firearm. I will provide this estimate from several sources and will try to have three comparable sales in the area that match your type and condition of your firearm. I can provide this to estates, auctions, or in divorce cases and to any interested parties as allowed by law.

My fee is based upon the age of the firearm, so newer firearms that are readily available in the market and easy to match will cost less for the written report. If the firearm is very old and not readily available, the cost will increase as my research to find comparable sales from other sources.

Readily available guns will be a flat fee of $25.00 per gun.

Guns that are not readily available or require deep research will start at $60.00 for the first hour and then drop to $20.00 per hour for additional research time as needed to find comparable prices. It will max out at 4 hours for total of $120.00 for 4 hours of research.

If you have a large collection, I will provide a quote for the collection as a whole unit.