GunOwl Firearms is your one-stop gun shop in Moore, Oklahoma! Let us help you with all your firearm needs!

About the owner

My background, as a youth growing up on a farm, included the introduction to guns at an early age. I received my first BB gun as a Christmas present. One of the fun things we did on the farm was to go hunting and this required that I learn all the safety rules before I was allowed to shoot the gun for the first time. Gun safety has been very important to me through the years. Being wise and safe on the farm was essential since gun usage was almost an everyday occurrence. One such activity on the farm was to mold our own lead bullets and reload a lot of ammunition.  

Around 2010 I wanted to get involved somewhere that would allow me to shoot my guns, so I joined Tri-City Gun Club. While there, a life member asked me to think about becoming an instructor for the NRA and so began my side career as an instructor. I have earned serval NRA instructor ratings and began teaching classes. After instructing for ten years, I decided to invest my resources to become a gunsmith. 

After studying for over a year, I have completed the AGI (American Gunsmithing Institute) basic pistol course and I’m now certified. Currently, I am training in the shotgun course.  When finished I plan to have additional certificates in shotgun, rimfire rifles, and center fire rifles.  

Additional services that GunOwl Firearms provides is new and used gun retail. This required me to receive my FFL license to help my customers with gun purchases and sales. This also allows me to work on guns not only from local customers but out of state ones as well.  

The long-term business plan for GunOwl Firearms is to have a full gunsmith shop that includes crafting missing gun parts and repairing most any type of firearms. Additionally, the shop will also have gun retail in the shop, a gun range, and gun training classes for Moore residents and the surrounding areas.  

Why the name GunOwl Firearms?

People often ask me, “why did you name your business GunOwl?” While in high school, I was a member of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) program.  Each officer station had a symbol for that office and an owl that represented the club as its advisor.  I was thinking about what a gunsmith or teacher does which is someone who demonstrates knowledge and often gives advice because of wisdom gained from life experiences.  One day, my wife, while shopping during the process of naming my business, found some owl figurines and brought them to me.  I thought how the owl represented wisdom, which is needed for safety and how gun knowledge is a must for accurate usage. so I combined them together to form GunOwl Firearms, so after thinking about other names or possible word combinations this name just appealed to me.  

In 2021 GunOwl Firearms was born.  The small business that began in my home has now grown enough to be established in a small shop and retail space with plans to expand in the future.